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Warrook Farm 2016


        SUNDAY, 18TH SEPTEMBER, 2016
Seven Buick's and an FX Holden with 19 members, family and friends met at the BP Service Centre on the Princes Freeway at Officer for the drive via Koo Wee Rup to Warrook Farm at Monomeith on the South Gippsland Highway.
We arrived at the farm around 11.40am to a warm open fire inside. The meals were served up at midday as arranged. The main course of roast beef with gravy, a large chicken drumstick, roast potatoes and vegetables was delicious with comments on the tenderness of the large servings of roast beef. David Trounson was accompanied by a chinese student with very little English who has been staying at his home for some months now. She sat opposite my wife so they were able to communicate in Chinese. A nice dessert of apple pie and cream finished off the meal.
At 1.00pm we went outside for the 1 1/2 hour farm tour with a few opting to stay in the warm room. We hopped onto the covered wagon to be taken to the shed with calves and lambs where some fun was had with members giving them milk from plastic milk containers. Fran wright and the chinese girl also had a go at milking a cow. Back onto the wagon to go to the sheep shearing shed where we were given a talk and demonstration of shearing and the 3 classes of wool. Onto the wagon again to another location see a sheepdog herding sheep, then back to the farm house where whip cracking was demonstrated. Brian Dean and Barry Heathcote showed us their ability to crack the whip. 
We finished off the farm tour with a look at the enclosed wombats, koala's, kangaroos, baby lambs, rabbits and birds.
Back inside to the warm room for coffee and talking until around 3.30 when we started to head home.
We all had a fantastic day in spite of the sometimes drizzling rain.
People and cars on the day were: 
John & Jade Offer                                                1960 Electra
Peter & Lynn Leon and friends                             1946 Special
Brian Dean and  Dawn                                          1974 Riviera
Len & Fran Wright and family                                1948 convertible
David Trounson & chinese student                        1949 Super
Barry & Bev Heathcote & friends                           1956 2 door sedan
Norm & Mickey Bradford                                       1972 Riviera  
Andy Logan                                                            FX Holden
John Offer