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2016 National Meet Wollongong

The Buick National Meet 2016.
The Buick Nationals in the Illawarra region of NSW have been completed, though as I write this a few Victorian members have continued on to the post-tour in Canberra.
An excellent event, not free from organisational hiccups but still a brilliant opportunity to meet up with Buick enthusiasts from across the nation and that’s what the National meet is all about. The cars are the focus but in many ways they are secondary to the true purpose of events such as this. The renewal of old acquaintances and the creation of new relationships with like-minded people from all walks of life.
18 Victorian members made the roughly 9 hour drive with a few stops on the way for safety.
Stop one was a few hours out of Melbourne at Glenrowan, where we stopped to have lunch and focus on the journey to come. We had come from all over Melbourne so this was the first time we were all in one place. After watching the Girls put away Hamburgers the size of hubcaps we were on our way again for leg two to Gundagai where we would stop for the night.
A great meal that night and a good sleep set us up for the stint to Goulburn and another terrific meal, this time at the Paragon café, 16 hungry car nuts around one huge table, good times.
Leaving Goulburn there was a little confusion and our convoy broke up into a couple of groups, one taking the Picton road and one the Illawarra Hwy. A landslide on the Illawarra Hwy caused considerable delays and the Picton route had turned out to be nearly an hour quicker.
We all arrived at the Wollongong Surf Resort and checked in to our spacious cabins. Not sure how comfortable Tom Kunek was in his hut, but my bed was a foot shorter than it needed to be. 
A short walk to the on-site assembly hall for the meet and greet and we were at last into the NSW Buick Nationals, all safe and sound!
Day one was a scenic drive along the coastal road followed by lunch at the excellent Motorlife Museum.
Day two was the show and shine in the gorgeous town of Kiama, disappointingly, the weather was not supportive of the event and we all got a little wet.
The rain really came down on day 3 as we prepared for the Bush Dance that night.
Day 4 was the highlight for me as we visited the HARS Aircraft Museum and had a guided tour around some iconic Aircraft, most of which played a significant role in Australian aviation history.
Day 5 was a tour through ANSTO Nuclear facility and though interesting, this was some hard-core science that did not suit everyone.
The final evening was presentation night and some lovely cars received recognition with some equally lovely custom made trophies.
Overall a wonderful drive with none of us having any car problems there or back and a wonderful 5 days of Buick fun.
Rather than attempt to describe in words, I’ll let the pictures tell the story.
- Colin Rowland

President's Message

The Buick Nationals provided a very rare opportunity, one so rare I’m not sure when it has occurred in the past, perhaps never.
The rare event was having all four Buick Club State Presidents in the one room, a few Secretaries and Vice-Presidents also in attendance.
A great chance to discuss the health of Car Clubs in general, membership challenges and opportunities and major events in the coming years.
Of particular focus were the East Coast Meet and the next Buick Nationals, how these events co-exist and where these next events would take place.
Were we expecting too much of our members to attend such large scale events and was the travel time justified by the length of the event. These were complex issues and having the Western Australian President there was vital in really understanding their challenges in attending gatherings held on the east coast.
The 50th Anniversary of the Victorian Club was recognised as not only a Victorian celebration but the birth of Buick Clubs in Australia and as such deserved a nationally accessible celebration.
An agreement was reached to not hold an East Coast meet in 2017 but to instead give Victoria the opportunity to run a 50th Anniversary National Celebration gathering late in 2017.
This is a wonderful outcome and a huge challenge for us.
I had the privilege of speaking at the Buick Nationals Presentation night and formally invited all those present to set aside time in October/November 2017 to come to Victoria to help us celebrate 50 years of Buick Car Clubs in Australia which was widely welcomed.
So it is with great pride and considerable trepidation that I challenge you all to step up and grasp a terrific opportunity to plan and execute a truly memorable event
8th September
A BIG year ahead, lots of social events to arrange. Time to start the 50th anniversary celebrations planning.
fitting for such a momentous achievement, 50 years of Buick Clubs in Australia.
The committee is dedicated to pulling together an unforgettable event but your help and above all your participation is vital to our success.
I will be inviting all members to attend a special meeting to discuss and plan what I am certain will be one of the greatest motoring events our hobby has ever seen.
Your input, your ideas and your assistance is crucial.
No idea is too big, no detail too small. Finish that restoration, polish that paintwork, rebuild that engine and get your car ready for quite simply the most important Buick Car Club of Australia event ever held.
If your car comes out once, it comes out for this!
If you need help getting ready, we are here. Happy to arrange working parties to help you get your car ready for the celebrations.
Together we can make the 50th Anniversary UNFORGETABLE!
- Colin Rowland

HARS Aircraft Museum
Sublime Point
Show and Shine at Kiama