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Ferndale Gardens

“Love is a Many Splendid Thing”

Several years ago, while walking in Federation Square, Dennis and I came across a display of Buicks, particularly those from the 1940’s. And so began a love affair which has not ended.

  Through the Buick Car Club, we made many friends, and as a stone thrown into a pond causes many ripples, those ripples drew us into a circle of more and more lovely friends and their families.

 It was via one of these ripples, that we became involved in helping to organize an outing for 18 residents and 4 carers from  Ferndale Gardens where Anne Trounson’s mother resides.

 Mmmm, rain was forcast.  That could have been a problem.  But no, it wasn’t.

Somehow the rain held off at the appropriate times.

 At 10.30 we left home and together with Bill and Lillian made our way to our new Club Rooms at the VDC Nunawading. Soon other members and David and Anne’s children  arrived and we set about transforming the supper area into our own café!

 Tables were set with cloths and flowers and food, glorious food was arriving in picnic baskets… Vegetarian Balls, sausage rolls, sandwiches, slices, and sponges!!! Yum!!!

At 12.00 we set off in convoy…Our destination Ferndale Gardens.

Car by car we loaded our guests into several  Buicks, one Olsmobile and one Jaguar. Oh no!!! These lovely people needed their walkers and as you all know, our boots do not really have that much space! Somehow or other, with some juggling, we managed to fit everyone and their walker/ wheelchair in!

 The residents could hardly contain their joy as the photos attached  will reveal.  Funny how stress and fun can be had at the same time!

Then off we went with our special guests, for our drive to Olinda.

 I can only speak for the two people in our Buick … but the conversation flowed easily and Dennis and I learnt a lot about our married couple, in that hour or so. They had been married for 66 years. He had played some games for St Kilda many years before. He was 94 and she was 88.

 They had traveled to many places in Australia. They recognized some of the landmarks on the way to Olinda, but some how the conversation strayed to Football  and this exchange:

 She asked , “Do you people follow the football?”

“Oh yes”, I said, “WE follow COLLINGWOOD!”

“Quick as a whip, “Do you mind if we get out?”, she said.

“ Ah!! You must be ESSENDON supporters” I said.     Of course they were!!!

Lots of giggles!!

 Then the ride was over and we arrived at the Clubrooms in sunshine!

 What followed was wonderful!

 Cups of tea and coffee were served to our guests as well as plates of delicious food.

Dan Trounson played his guitar and Len Wright sang two songs-“My Way” and “You Never Walk Alone”.

 Good on you Len!  

 And then, Surprise ! Surprise!  Les, the resident who had been in our car, sang,

 “Love is a Many Splendid Thing”    AWESOME!!

 All too soon we had to take our new friends home.

 But what a rewarding, joyful day it had been!

 The ripples continue to spread….Yes, Love is a Many Splendid Thing.

 Those who participated, David and Anne, Kelly, Lisa and  Dan, Len and Fran, Peter and Lyn, Bill and Lillian, Mary, John, Garry and Glen, Donna and Andy, Tom and Anne, and Dennis and Esther, enjoyed a memorable day.

 Esther Healy


Next month, we will give each resident and carer, a copy of the Buick Banner, as a keepsake, which will include their photos.



Subject: Ferndale Gardens Nursing Home Bayswater trip to Olinda and return, 28/5/2016

What a privilege it was to take our guests on a Buick Club run to Olinda and return. Some of our guests told us it was the trip of a lifetime in these wonderful old cars. What a smile that brought to our collective faces which added to the pride we shared in using our gleaming vehicles for a very enjoyable  outing. The 8 Buicks all performed faultlessly as did the only Oldsmobile, but our guest Jaguar had a couple of hiccups (fuel pump required a few gentle taps) Our 16 elderly citizens plus 4 carers and assorted wheelchairs and walkers enjoyed the comfortable ride. As expected it rained before we left, but did not rain on our parade, and again it rained when we finished.

There was delight on everyone's faces on our return to the warm, cosy Buick Clubrooms , beautifully set up with a delightful afternoon tea. Much to our surprise Frank Sinatra (Len) made a guest appearance with two songs and Dean Martin (Les from Ferndale) added another. This scene was completed by the background guitar played by Dan Trounson.


As Anne Trounson stated many thanks to all the Community minded helpers. Many of the Buick Club members stated they would like to do more days like this. Special thank you to Anne  and David Trounson for organizing this day.


Well Done to all.



Thanks Peter for taking the time to write this email and your kind words.

What a fabulous day and I'm proud to be part of a club with such a caring group of people that made this day possible.

Thankyou to everyone.

Kind regards,

Anne & David Trounson